Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Sick or Healthy.

Do you seriously believe in such a choice?

However complex your estimate of good physical conditions is, there's no denying it - if you can afford preventive measures (such as food, btw) the risk of getting sick somehow lowers.
In fact, you can either spend your way into reasonable health or trust insurance expenses to protect you from bad luck... or wrong products distributed in stores.
Cheap fruits & rare vegetables are mass-produced, fresh and ready to be consumed.
While you breath in urban smog.

Until you collapse under the weight of aging, overworking, ambitions, medical poisoning, social status, parental responsabilities, etc.
While you gobble up genetically engineered illusions of wisely designed molecules trying to reproduce the essential or more.

Meat, liquors, chewing gums, vitamins, spiced up to taste sooooo good it fills your stomach with the lowest quality of life THEY can produce fast
enough to answer demands, not to say needs.
While you walk and drive towards the wall of eventual death.

Cash, taxes, mobile phoning, entertained progressively into zapping between consumeurism & age expectancy.

Like a decaying corpse, fleshed and organic, smooth and rich, dressed up for a plate or a bowl... you are running straight to the wall of sickness.

You are buying a limit and borrowing the steps.
You're even sold in advance by tiny bottles of cerebral fiction or large plastic bags carrying beers & bread, milk & cakes, sodium & phosporous acids.

Carry on, be totally covered for drugs & pills, scalpels & fractures, bites & gun wounds... so that when the inevitable comes, you too will finally realize, THEY struck a deal for every foot prints you left waiting at the empty shelves since birth.

And, you'd want some necessary reforms and proper treatment in due time?
In some hospital, private?

Can't you see the obvious price tag for a simple glass of water?

It's not as if you are thirsty or anything, it's that it has been poisoned with money already. Shipped over, pumped & blown away, sparkled and spoiled, burnt & wasted.
Care to contradict the path.
Or the consequences.

Go ahead, fill this line on a contract -- pay yourselves a ride into a few months and years more that you didn't deserve nor asked for louder than anyone else.

But bought (dare i insist, stole) on somebody's grave & kitchen table.
While you were there, waiting in line.
Wallets empty or insured, calculated & piled up.
Crying of regrets.
Starving by degrees.

When all you had to do was to wish others a better life - sick or not.
Nobody wants your pity & your charity, humanity.

You can't sell death (or an insurance to prevent or delay it) because you ALREADY destroyed life, publicly, socially, fiscally, daily.