Thursday, June 30, 2005

Slump & dump to the markets.

Where's quality?
Numbers stack worldwide about tent-pole films of our usual summer times.

It has everybody worried for the aftermath of a cyclic variation. Looking for reasons or explanations seem to be a convenient way to let some steam out on the products themselves. When all they had to think is this...

1) Flood a market with something and anything, it must absorb the pattern.

2) Moviegoers want better, faster and value.

3) Medium ways; Screenings, Rentals, DVD, Data streamings.

Are we to believe the artforms are on a serious path to find an alternate process?
And if so... should they be altered to answer "modern" needs or expectations?

Back to the drawing boards, i guess.

Where there's evolution, the mind reacts. The magic of it being, the present forms are morphing into a new process.

As interactive or pro-active it could have been for years!

Bring it on, we'll anticipate and factor in those slumps only if we CAN control people's hopes for a change so fundamental, it makes celluloid and binary look pale compared to what can really be produced.

And, then... dump it. For cinema's sakes and the creativity we cashed out instead of letting it happen.

We're on the edge and we will brake all the limits.

Entertainment follows us or fails.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005


It's the Law.

Really, it is.

But, one must realize that eventually... this superb device created by humanity is not only justice for the many but also what defines good from bad.

Here, i'll admit without lacking a shade of truth that my life is fading away on the realm of all the terrible past and failures. That if i didn't work for so long for so less, even this power of knowledge or responsability would still be the result of my own strictly available performance or time.

Only, it's the law.

That says, live and give. Do and react. Forgive and aim.

Yup, THAT very same law.

Which sells our present for a quick glimpse at some future. No matter how far or hard to reach, it is ahead.

We distribute it, we use this process to create conditions that provide a sense of rationality, of obvious opinions and intelligent decisions.

You pay, i spend. Of all that cost and values, moral and shared, the essential result is encrypted in the traces we leave or the reasoning facts that history recalls and certainly believes in.

For the next, the last and the first.
The weak and the powerful.

Legal and real... by some lucky turn on the events, the guilty or the innocent can always trust a law will deliver their souls from the jail of ignorance.

If we didn't have it, that Law would ask us to enforce it.
Tomorrow and even sooner.

Because what we regret or can't understand is never ours.