Friday, April 29, 2005

Fiberwires and the privacy.

In a perfect world of fast data transmissions, one would expect receiving and sending what matters.

Okay, numerous corporations want your time. They cling to a device call "copy/send" that multiplies the number of files invading the networks with only an objective; marketing and influence.

Buy this, rent that! The "law" of offer & demand is actually reasonable when the means are available.
There is currently about 85% (possibly much more!) of virtual transactions which are simple fakes or completely useless.

Add it up, your ultra efficient ways of communications aren't even near half as reliable as they could be.

Servers worldwide (maintained by some international conglomerates) are the source of this problem by allowing it to happen.

And, don't give me the freedom of speech arguments... it doesn't stand the test of honesty.

Click on the following links to opt-out and submit it to another proper mailing list that identifies all but illicit names or identities.

Internet and the WWW itself is a scam that steals money from consumers.

React accordingly.


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