Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Irrational details of the story plan.

When structure fails, a text can collapse.
How well characters in it join to prevent such a turmoil or the chaos they're responsible for is all the proof writers need to drag it to a slow and painful decision; STOP.

Do something else!

Start all over again, but this time, use your mind instead of multiple thoughts (!!)...

- Ideas are a reason.
- Concept and theme are consequences of that simple idea.
- Characters are the process to experiment with that simple idea.
- Structure or outlines perform a surgery to that simple idea.
- Ideas are as simple as A reason, integrated to the writing process.

I've been stuck for months with a simple (?) problem.

1) It never began, so it can't end.
2) Without an idea, the solutions don't suggest themselves.
3) The simplicity of many reasons escapes the very nature of "idea".
4) Time (as in persistence) makes it all tougher to handle.
5) Characters do not help, why should they bother. Fiction.
6) Concept wasn't defined properly, dare i say, accurately.

no less,

7) Wrote irrational, unfocused, unplanned details which never, actually, explained the story in a manner to answer A very simple idea.


Not at all.

A simple reminder that whatever creative control you claim to have is not an element of your mind but only a cohesive thought about ONE idea.

Not many, not some, not variable, not undetermined...
Simple consecutive, you guessed it - concentrations.