Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The spinning rainy monster

One would think that in this highly industrialized country where America prides itself with efficient and modern infra-structures such a disastrous hurricane would be able to cause that much damages.

These constant super storms that yearly often or even regularly slip into the Gulf of Mexico are always on the coastal paths. It's not bad luck or anything, it's natural cycles, it's a set of repetitive targets.

When will they finally admit total evacuation WASN'T possible. Overrun that they were by peoples' refusal to leave as ordered to, by force or by suggestion. Our kind is such a contradiction when faced with dangers beyond reason. It's as if the very courage to defy elements gives us a power against something we simply do not control or would feel stronger about than IT, even when that means escaping overwhelming odds.

The trajectory, the conditions, the warnings... all of it was clear.

Category 4 and building up, it is a vulnerable area because they let it.
Levees to protect from coincidental floods, patchwork and engineering neglect.
Poverty stricken sectors of a city, abandonned to their fate by state autority.

Consequence: New Orleans (plenty of other splendid cities, btw) and its historical magic trampled under water and nowhere to hide from or move temporarily to.

This horrible event made me realize a few things;

-- A population has either equal chances to fight back or couldn't be evacuated in time.
-- The municipal or state "systems" are reactive rather than preventive.
-- Properties, buildings, bridges... were NOT built to handle an oceanic surge or winds that strong.

Louisiana, Mississipi, Alabama, Florida... all these regions suffered something they didn't have to.

Because it's not where you are when the catastrophic aftermath develops, it's where you're allowed or offered to go in some neighboring states.

This coast sure WILL eventually rebuild itself much better than it's always been. With hurricanes proofed installations and shelters which actually CAN welcome anyone and everyone, no less.

"Katrina-08/29/05-7:00AM" is the very last storm that will ever cause so much deaths.


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