Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Sick or Healthy.

Do you seriously believe in such a choice?

However complex your estimate of good physical conditions is, there's no denying it - if you can afford preventive measures (such as food, btw) the risk of getting sick somehow lowers.
In fact, you can either spend your way into reasonable health or trust insurance expenses to protect you from bad luck... or wrong products distributed in stores.
Cheap fruits & rare vegetables are mass-produced, fresh and ready to be consumed.
While you breath in urban smog.

Until you collapse under the weight of aging, overworking, ambitions, medical poisoning, social status, parental responsabilities, etc.
While you gobble up genetically engineered illusions of wisely designed molecules trying to reproduce the essential or more.

Meat, liquors, chewing gums, vitamins, spiced up to taste sooooo good it fills your stomach with the lowest quality of life THEY can produce fast
enough to answer demands, not to say needs.
While you walk and drive towards the wall of eventual death.

Cash, taxes, mobile phoning, entertained progressively into zapping between consumeurism & age expectancy.

Like a decaying corpse, fleshed and organic, smooth and rich, dressed up for a plate or a bowl... you are running straight to the wall of sickness.

You are buying a limit and borrowing the steps.
You're even sold in advance by tiny bottles of cerebral fiction or large plastic bags carrying beers & bread, milk & cakes, sodium & phosporous acids.

Carry on, be totally covered for drugs & pills, scalpels & fractures, bites & gun wounds... so that when the inevitable comes, you too will finally realize, THEY struck a deal for every foot prints you left waiting at the empty shelves since birth.

And, you'd want some necessary reforms and proper treatment in due time?
In some hospital, private?

Can't you see the obvious price tag for a simple glass of water?

It's not as if you are thirsty or anything, it's that it has been poisoned with money already. Shipped over, pumped & blown away, sparkled and spoiled, burnt & wasted.
Care to contradict the path.
Or the consequences.

Go ahead, fill this line on a contract -- pay yourselves a ride into a few months and years more that you didn't deserve nor asked for louder than anyone else.

But bought (dare i insist, stole) on somebody's grave & kitchen table.
While you were there, waiting in line.
Wallets empty or insured, calculated & piled up.
Crying of regrets.
Starving by degrees.

When all you had to do was to wish others a better life - sick or not.
Nobody wants your pity & your charity, humanity.

You can't sell death (or an insurance to prevent or delay it) because you ALREADY destroyed life, publicly, socially, fiscally, daily.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tax me, smoke me.

Yes, i have to purchase smuggled cigarettes.
I'm also putting my health in danger.
I know that. I'm that dumb. I'm even quite aware of a few more terrible things in life...

But, when the state taxes me in huge irrational amounts beyond anything i can afford.
But, when even the drunken drivers still spend a few dollars on their bad habits without getting what they deserve for killing people on roads.
But, when your luxurious lives lead you to eat out in restaurants while spitting out tons of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere through your SUV & sports vehicules.
But, when your fashion clothes and makeups make you a bunch of circus monsters.
But, when your millions in salary per year makes you the stadium heroes of fanatics spending hundreds of dollars to sit in awe and applaud your athletic talent.
But, when your best sweaty jogging routines smell like poison to me when i must walk on concrete or asphalt.
But, when your lives simply vanish away in fear of a silence and empty buildings.
But, when your words start to insult everyone around.

Sure, it cost money.

You bet it does.

So much, in fact... that i prefer death to being a thief for selling a product priced higher to steal taxes from people.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Presently here, again.

Three years have gone by.
Where have i been you may ask?

Here and right overthere too.

My present is yours.
My past is written.
My future is an ongoing attempt at life.

I'll keep at it until i die.

Since it doesn't matter where & when you are on Earth my friends.

I'll find you.

Reset the clocks, here we go.

Time is no obstacle to the minds... our intelligence is beyond history and wherever we stand is only a glimpse of better things for Humanity -- forever.

Heard the latest?

WE ARE NOT ALONE in the Milky way!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Irrational details of the story plan.

When structure fails, a text can collapse.
How well characters in it join to prevent such a turmoil or the chaos they're responsible for is all the proof writers need to drag it to a slow and painful decision; STOP.

Do something else!

Start all over again, but this time, use your mind instead of multiple thoughts (!!)...

- Ideas are a reason.
- Concept and theme are consequences of that simple idea.
- Characters are the process to experiment with that simple idea.
- Structure or outlines perform a surgery to that simple idea.
- Ideas are as simple as A reason, integrated to the writing process.

I've been stuck for months with a simple (?) problem.

1) It never began, so it can't end.
2) Without an idea, the solutions don't suggest themselves.
3) The simplicity of many reasons escapes the very nature of "idea".
4) Time (as in persistence) makes it all tougher to handle.
5) Characters do not help, why should they bother. Fiction.
6) Concept wasn't defined properly, dare i say, accurately.

no less,

7) Wrote irrational, unfocused, unplanned details which never, actually, explained the story in a manner to answer A very simple idea.


Not at all.

A simple reminder that whatever creative control you claim to have is not an element of your mind but only a cohesive thought about ONE idea.

Not many, not some, not variable, not undetermined...
Simple consecutive, you guessed it - concentrations.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The spinning rainy monster

One would think that in this highly industrialized country where America prides itself with efficient and modern infra-structures such a disastrous hurricane would be able to cause that much damages.

These constant super storms that yearly often or even regularly slip into the Gulf of Mexico are always on the coastal paths. It's not bad luck or anything, it's natural cycles, it's a set of repetitive targets.

When will they finally admit total evacuation WASN'T possible. Overrun that they were by peoples' refusal to leave as ordered to, by force or by suggestion. Our kind is such a contradiction when faced with dangers beyond reason. It's as if the very courage to defy elements gives us a power against something we simply do not control or would feel stronger about than IT, even when that means escaping overwhelming odds.

The trajectory, the conditions, the warnings... all of it was clear.

Category 4 and building up, it is a vulnerable area because they let it.
Levees to protect from coincidental floods, patchwork and engineering neglect.
Poverty stricken sectors of a city, abandonned to their fate by state autority.

Consequence: New Orleans (plenty of other splendid cities, btw) and its historical magic trampled under water and nowhere to hide from or move temporarily to.

This horrible event made me realize a few things;

-- A population has either equal chances to fight back or couldn't be evacuated in time.
-- The municipal or state "systems" are reactive rather than preventive.
-- Properties, buildings, bridges... were NOT built to handle an oceanic surge or winds that strong.

Louisiana, Mississipi, Alabama, Florida... all these regions suffered something they didn't have to.

Because it's not where you are when the catastrophic aftermath develops, it's where you're allowed or offered to go in some neighboring states.

This coast sure WILL eventually rebuild itself much better than it's always been. With hurricanes proofed installations and shelters which actually CAN welcome anyone and everyone, no less.

"Katrina-08/29/05-7:00AM" is the very last storm that will ever cause so much deaths.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Still unemployed?

Keep reading, this might prove something important to you.

Otherwise, leave this blog at once and never, ever return here to bother anybody including the workforce.

Corporate greed is killing the poor, the marginalized and the uneducated. There's a clear reason for that; wealthy lives.
The privilege of work has become the culprit of our civilization. Property or success, it is absolutely evident that a number of specific individuals are ruining our present.

And this is why:

-- Someone created profit.
-- Nobody wants to share it.
-- Society is geared towards a relative distribution of its advantages.
-- Work underpays.

And... there is only one solution:

-- Stop the chronic exploitations of ALL people.

Until then, prove to me criminality doesn't exist.

Make sure your opinions are heard very clearly by anyone in a political position to alter their democracies to immediately destroy poverty. And, by that, i insist on a 100% means to earn a reasonable amount of money to simply, live.

Financial and commercial theft is over.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Persecution for anything.

Oh, you've got plenty of cash? Your ambition is to pile it up and spend it as you please. Certainly earned and ready to show off. What gives you that right to wave it in the faces of anyone else?

Our societies are structured to provide it to some and not to all. That money is distributed and NOT shared at nearly the level of fairness and relative values to which it is handed over in exchange for, you guessed it, work and services.

Organized governments and businesses stack it, make it available and, wouldn't you know, can do whatever they decide with it.

That includes;

-- Spectacular properties collectively owned and operated.
-- Vote some laws to select where it ends.
-- Integrate wealth and greed for a few rather than all.
-- Capitalize variations based on privileges.
-- Create a way to let poverty stay a life handicap.

and, as a consequence...

-- Persecute the WRONG people.

Are you proud of that, humanity?

How can you justify getting rich (individually or collectively) while all your fortunes represent the death of so many, the lack of proper education, the oppression by crime, the abuse of luxury, the advantages of false pride?

Consider this, too;

-- Power of influence and repression.
-- War for some reasons and religion.
-- Famine by degrees and "living" conditions.

Look around, this Earth of ours persecutes for anything.
When it shouldn't.
By now or eventually, i guess.