Friday, July 29, 2005

Persecution for anything.

Oh, you've got plenty of cash? Your ambition is to pile it up and spend it as you please. Certainly earned and ready to show off. What gives you that right to wave it in the faces of anyone else?

Our societies are structured to provide it to some and not to all. That money is distributed and NOT shared at nearly the level of fairness and relative values to which it is handed over in exchange for, you guessed it, work and services.

Organized governments and businesses stack it, make it available and, wouldn't you know, can do whatever they decide with it.

That includes;

-- Spectacular properties collectively owned and operated.
-- Vote some laws to select where it ends.
-- Integrate wealth and greed for a few rather than all.
-- Capitalize variations based on privileges.
-- Create a way to let poverty stay a life handicap.

and, as a consequence...

-- Persecute the WRONG people.

Are you proud of that, humanity?

How can you justify getting rich (individually or collectively) while all your fortunes represent the death of so many, the lack of proper education, the oppression by crime, the abuse of luxury, the advantages of false pride?

Consider this, too;

-- Power of influence and repression.
-- War for some reasons and religion.
-- Famine by degrees and "living" conditions.

Look around, this Earth of ours persecutes for anything.
When it shouldn't.
By now or eventually, i guess.


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