Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tax me, smoke me.

Yes, i have to purchase smuggled cigarettes.
I'm also putting my health in danger.
I know that. I'm that dumb. I'm even quite aware of a few more terrible things in life...

But, when the state taxes me in huge irrational amounts beyond anything i can afford.
But, when even the drunken drivers still spend a few dollars on their bad habits without getting what they deserve for killing people on roads.
But, when your luxurious lives lead you to eat out in restaurants while spitting out tons of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere through your SUV & sports vehicules.
But, when your fashion clothes and makeups make you a bunch of circus monsters.
But, when your millions in salary per year makes you the stadium heroes of fanatics spending hundreds of dollars to sit in awe and applaud your athletic talent.
But, when your best sweaty jogging routines smell like poison to me when i must walk on concrete or asphalt.
But, when your lives simply vanish away in fear of a silence and empty buildings.
But, when your words start to insult everyone around.

Sure, it cost money.

You bet it does.

So much, in fact... that i prefer death to being a thief for selling a product priced higher to steal taxes from people.


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