Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Still unemployed?

Keep reading, this might prove something important to you.

Otherwise, leave this blog at once and never, ever return here to bother anybody including the workforce.

Corporate greed is killing the poor, the marginalized and the uneducated. There's a clear reason for that; wealthy lives.
The privilege of work has become the culprit of our civilization. Property or success, it is absolutely evident that a number of specific individuals are ruining our present.

And this is why:

-- Someone created profit.
-- Nobody wants to share it.
-- Society is geared towards a relative distribution of its advantages.
-- Work underpays.

And... there is only one solution:

-- Stop the chronic exploitations of ALL people.

Until then, prove to me criminality doesn't exist.

Make sure your opinions are heard very clearly by anyone in a political position to alter their democracies to immediately destroy poverty. And, by that, i insist on a 100% means to earn a reasonable amount of money to simply, live.

Financial and commercial theft is over.


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