There you go... our freedoms were abused.

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Afraid of a ban by public inquiry which will prove the multiple levels of corruption(s) instigated by the political hierarchy of Canada in order to enrich traitors in the sponsorship scandals?

Let truth be told that none of that money will serve to submit Quebec to the whims of a country which can't admit they were clear thieves.

Lured bureaucrats into manipulating the results (NOW, as it may seem, invalid or clearly illegal) of two previous referendums (May 80 and October 95) on that province's sovereignty. Propaganda to influence a popular choice, unbiased by the calculating fiscal and financial edge which was a perfect demonstration of a power abused.

Courts could even jail the criminals, it still isn't a sufficient compensation for the insults promoted and paid for.

This type of justice is collapsing for a reason; it went against the rights of a nation (regional or territorial as much) and wasted their and other's taxes on a program patriotic enough to steal Quebec of its decision about Independance, negotiable or not.

The problem is not today's reactions but the past and all the damages they caused.

They plainly bought these votes.

What they can't afford is the shame and the proofs that this confederation has been and still is a dictatorial regime until it's not in Quebec or ANYWHERE else.

And, let me also add that the constitutional "rights" (I really wonder what it means after this!) of state or governments are under scrutiny by the people of Qu├ębec.

For more reasons than these elected officials can pay for.