Monday, March 14, 2005

The theory of universes.

Although, this reality is quite obvious and the stupendous amount of science is leaning towards ONE simple universe, both physically present in time and from the perception we have of it, i claim there's more than this one only.

Here's the proof...

Any stable gravity MUST occur or react within a dimension know as variable time if we assume it to be the manifestation of *a* universe.

Knowing that, a probable alternate universe should be implied from the following theory:

- Time is either fix or modifying as we perceive it.
- Gravity and mass, since the "Big-Bang" hasn't been stable or contained within a location known as space or --any-- "blank" (for not having a name for those) formulation of external dimension(s) which could include an equilibrium force.
- And, as a consequence... multiple or a minimal of two universes.
- All expanding in an infinite and maybe, limited void. Possibly accumulating the local energy or expanding it into the closest "blank".

Just feels a lot less lonely, all of a sudden!


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